TIMS® Version 6.08 Features

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Patient Report Designer Enhancements 


Enriched Communications


Automated Appointment Notifications


API Features & Multi-Factor Authentication


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6.08 Features

Learn more about our new 6.08 release features.

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Features & Benefits

As a complete office management suite, TIMS Audiology provides the tools to support the success of your practice. 

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Audiology FAQs

TIMS provides quality software and unmatched service to audiologists and dispensers throughout the US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and New Zealand.

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TIMS Version 6.08 Overview, check out some of our new features!
  • The Report Designer now uses advanced software tools.
  • Confirmations and Verifications can now be configured to be sent automatically on a pre-determined schedule. 
  • The Web Scheduler's technology platform has been upgraded and modernized.
Analytics and Reporting 
  • The Report Designer now uses advanced software tools to give you even more control over the design and layout of patient diagnostic reports.  
  • Stock and Custom reports can now be set as "Favorites" from the TIMS Reports menu, with a simple Right Click - Add to Favorites.  



  • Letters for both bulk communication and single patients also utilize advanced software tools making it easier to create custom letters.
  • Microsoft® Word is no longer required. Letters can be designed and merged/viewed in the same screen.
  • Communication letters can now be designed and used as Patient Intake Sheets.  
Appointment Notifications
  • Confirmations and Verifications can now be configured to be sent automatically on a pre-determined schedule. 
  • Select how many days in advance to send the notifications - either by Email, SMS, or Voice. 
  • The task can also be filtered by Site, Provider, and Appointment Type.



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